Bitcare is an international healthcare company that using the blockchain and IA operates in several hospitals and clinics all around the world, thanks to Ubiatarplay technology they will be able to operate and monitor their service quality from a remote distance.


iHalo provides VoIP business phone service to small-medium businesses and provide several services for the organization of big music concerts in India. Ubiatarplay will give to over 1 billion Indians the chance to interact and live those incredible events from their home as they were there in front of the stage.


Ubiatar Gaming is a revolutionary peer to peer experience in the world of gaming. Imagine any Usar from home immersed into a live real sci-fi environment where the player is a human Avatar. Direct your PlayActor into any movie-like story to explore, interact, fight and discover into videogames that not only look, but ARE real.


Effe Erre Srl is a commercial and retail company of new and used cars. It is able to offer everyone, under the most advantageous conditions, the best that the global automotive industry is able to offer. The company is always available to meet the needs of each customer, looking for a better and complete service that can accompany and protect the investment of our customers over time.


Ferrero Srl is a company specialized in the trade of non-ferrous metal materials and red, tinned and enamelled copper wire of different diameters. The company makes available to customers all the professionalism and experience gained over the years to ensure the best in the industry. The deep experience in trade in the sector translates into the offer of customized solutions to customers.


The A.D.C. Srl is a company specialized in marketing materials, metal plating companies and electric motors from the best domestic and foreign manufacturers. The company operates in order to obtain greater productivity, employing fully all the technical resources and professional skills of its men, coming to optimize a production process in perfect harmony with the environment that surrounds it.


Luxochain is a company that was created to guarantee consumers and owners of luxury products a passport of authenticity that certifies every step that the product has passed since its design. The digital passport, thanks to the blockchain, guarantees the authenticity of the product and certifies the production and commercial process going to eliminate the problems related to counterfeit products and enhancing the second hand market.


ONE4 Switzerland is a consulting company whose focus is to bring innovation into traditional business. Based in Switzerland, it has a strong experience in personnel selection, assessment, teambuilding, fintech and marketing applied to blockchain projects.


Eurotubi Europa Srl is a Nova Milanese metalworking company specialized in the processing of metal pipes and in particular in the production of Eurotubi Pressfitting System: a system of pipes and fittings in steel for the realization of thermosanitary systems exported all over the world.


Monitra is a Swiss specialized company leader on the big data and analytics applied to Risk Management, Home Automation, Ambient Assisted Living, Industrial monitoring and smart devices that partnered with Ubiatarplay to allow for the remote installation and maintanance of this its unique solutions


Rivetz is a modern and mobile ecosystem that offers a simplified, intuitive approach to cybersecurity, built around hardware-based identity. The Rivetz ecosystem approaches the cat and mouse game of cybersecurity around a hardware-based identity on individual devices.

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