What we want to give to the people
and how we will do it.

We give to the people the power to be instantly everywhere, because we believe that exploration is freedom and life is interaction.

We do this with modern mobile technologies, converting into Avatars people willing to help others escalate their full potential.

We believe that humans are far better than any robot and good will is more powerful than computers.

We give an easy and honest job opportunity to anybody, anywhere.

We help people overcome their physical limitations to see and experiment any place, any culture, any interaction; making mankind better and each individual a better human.

Teleporting Power

Ubiatar is the only project ofering a viable and a real solution to the ancient dream of mankind:
having the power of ubiquity, or instant transfer to any place.

We have seen this «power» depicted in many productions, notably the teleportation devices in the «Star Trek» sci-fi TV shows and movies.
Until today it has only been fantasy.

What is UbiatarPlay

UbiatarPlay will be the peer-to-peer marketplace of the ubiatar service.

Ubiatar delivers the power of ubiquity with modern mobile technologies, over a high-performance platform. The starting point is a normal smartphone held by a local individual (the Avatar); everything that is seen and heard by the Avatar is sent over the network to the Person at home (Usar) that in turn directs the Avatar so that he/she acts as his/her remote body. The directions are given with a revolutionary GUI (Graphical User Interface) superimposed over the live video stream.

Avatars and Usars will meet on the UbiatarPlay marketplace, just like publishers offer apps on the Apple store and Google play to customers all over the world.

Avatars will have access to a cool fashion line and a very simple open hardware smartphone holding and stabilization system developed by ubiatar labs.

Elements of the service


An «Avatar» is a person that offers his/her physical presence for hire. An «Usar» from home/office can pay to take control of an Avatar and direct him/her wherever wanted, to do any kind of things (as long as the Avatar is OK with it).
The Usar sees and hears everything, so that is like being physically there.


An «Usar» from home/office is a customer that pays to take control of an Avatar and direct him/her wherever wanted, to do any kind of things (as long as the Avatar is OK with it). The Usar sees and hears everything, so that is like being physically there.

Ubiatar Inc.

The USA company in Silicon Valley that has already developed the base technology, the apps & sofwares and the world wide cloud-based platform that supports these advanced telepresence services. UbiatarPlay ag has signed a contract with Ubiatar Inc. that allows her to create the standard marketplace where these services will be sold on a peer-to-peer decentralized fashion.

UbiatarPlay Ag

This platform will be central to the UbiatarPlay initiative and will work in a manner very similar to that of the well-known Apple store and Google play marketplaces, where publishers of apps meet with customers wanting to install/buy them. The incomes from the marketplace will be used to fulfll the UbiatarPlay mission: make ubiatar token value rise in the fastest and biggest way possible while providing honest job opportunities to people all over the world.


We give an easy and honest job opportunity
to anybody, anywhere.

There is a number of people all around the world that are unemployed and would be more than willing to ofer their physical presence for a reasonable reward.

There are also lots of people that need to be present in other places and do not have the time the money or even the chance to go there. Just imagine busy businessmen, poor people or people with physical conditions that do not allow them to walk: the ubiatar service would be their best (or only) chance to do the things they want and explore the places they are curious about.

UbiatarPlay will develop and ofer a marketplace where all these people will meet, discuss, learn from each other and exchange value. Value measured in money, but also culture, emotions, knowledge and expertise.

More than a marketplace and
more than a social network.

UbiatarPlay will be more than a marketplace and more than a social network: it will be all these things and also a philosophy geared toward the empowerment of humans.

The economic side of these new services is that they will be ofered by people willing to act as Avatar to other people, in turn willing to direct them for a fee.

P³: PlatformPartnershipProgram – your HumanApp on the store

You will be able not only to participate to the ICO ubiatar token initiative and to the Avatar/Usar standard peer to peer value exchange, but also to more advanced, open and creative projects that we call HumanApps.
The UbiatarPlay marketplace will support a complete range of small to large third-party business projects.
You will be able to brand your Avatar identity, or that of your group of Avatars, creating a name, a logo, a description and a set of pictures and graphics that will be your project page on the HumanEmpowermentNetwork.
Your brand could be a business, a charity, a leisure group or any other kind of legal idea or organization.
When you brand your presence and take full promotional power into your hands you will keep more of the revenues and thus support paid advertising.
It is like creating an App on the Apple store or GooglePlay marketplaces, but you can do that as a HumanApp: without any coding and with little or no money, just by organizing and promoting your ofer with standard social network-like tools. It will be up to your business, networking and peer-to-peer skills...
The ubiatar technology also supports third-party developers with an industry standard API interface. It is possible to create software and external sites that interact with the marketplace to further brand and automate your projects.

The Technology

Platform architecture

The ubiatar network is a peer-to-peer cloud-based, autoscaling, cutting-edge system based on Amazon Web Services data centers. Uninterruptible, reliable and potentially without processing power limits, this system is the perfect choice for a service that must support and coordinate millions of users all over the world, exchanging low-latency high-quality audio and video streams, even if in a peer-to-peer fashion.

GUI for telepresence

In telepresence, current technologies are still back at the days of DOS. With any telepresence system, you have to write down your requests and hope that the person on the other side understands them. Ubiatar technology, instead, ofers a true revolution in telepresence products: the GUI (Graphical User Interface) that the Macintosh introduced in 1984 and that Microsoft offered with Windows (and that many good developers built into Linux).

Patent pending

No need to write a command, no need to explain by voice, no need to manually steer a remote robot around obstacles; since you are directing at high-level a fellow human and he/she can understand simple iconic commands, the trick is done. Instantly. Quickly, efortlessly, precisely. There is a patent pending on that, because it is simple but nobody thought about it before.

The chain of value

Ubiatar inc is a USA technology provider and global servers manager. The UbiatarPlay Marketplace will be a service operated by a Swiss-based company and will be a platform where anybody from the general public will be able to register as an Avatar and ofer his/her physical presence for hire. The main goal of the UbiatarPlay Marketplace is to grow the user base and the value of the ubiatar token used for all the transactions.

Supported platforms

Ubiatar Coin


To support the exchange of value between peers all over the world, regardless of the local limits, the availability of bank accounts to poor people, women or other discriminated social groups. The ubiatar tokens will be used for all value exchanges on the UbiatarPlay marketplace, so that a uniform valuation of services will be possible, Inside any ubiatar app there will be the ubiatar wallet to allow people to store cryptos; not only ubiatar tokens, but all type of ERC20 tokens, Ethereum, and others that we will add in the future. The ubiatar wallet will be open-source so that everybody will be able to check how it works. You will be able to move from your wallet tokens to and from other third party wallet, to exchange or to spend tokens using a ubiatar debit card whenever a VISA card is accepted.

Transfer of value

When the telepresence service starts (immediately or at the future moment booked by the Usar) the ubiatar platform starts counting the minutes of telepresence. At the end of the service the Usar gets the total cost of the connection and can confrm or fle a complaint. When the service is settled (immediately or after a revision by ubiatar assistance personnel) the amount is transferred out of the Usar account and a portion of it is transferred into the Avatar's account. The ubiatar platform keeps a percentage of each transaction as a service and server fee. For a single person Avatar the fee is 50% of the transaction; if the Avatar is an employee of a company or a HumanApp° teammate that sells the service on the platform (and promotes it on its own), the fee is 30%. There is also the option of AvatarEcommerceServices°: if the Usar asks the Avatar to buy anything locally and send it to him, the price (plus shipping costs) is charged with a service fee of 20%, that is split 50-50 between the Avatar and the ubiatar platform.

Cash & burn

All the fees collected on the UbiatarPlay marketplace will be used for payment of server costs, continuous marketing and advertising and cash & burn operations on the ubiatar tokens. The cash & burn is crucial for the constant and fast growing of the ubiatar tokens value. It is a process where a portion of each fee collected on the marketplace will be used to buy ubiatar tokens and destroy them. The process of continuous destruction of coins reduces their number and consequently usually grows the value of the remaining ones (defation process). Since the only way to exchange value on the UbiatarPlay marketplace will always be through the posses of ubiatar tokens, in usual market conditions the reduction of their availability will grow their market value. UbiatarPlay will spend 50% of all the collected fees in cash & burn, gradually reducing that amount as business grows, based on the total removed at any given moment.


Blockchain not only is disrupting the way we distribute value, but it’s changing the way companies are funded. Crowdfunding with intermediaries and centralized platform is slow and expensive, and at least less efficient. Instead to offer stock in an IPO, blockchain startup are offering TOKENS that serve as license ownership, equity or debt. This procedures is called ICO (Initial Coin Offering), and allow companies to have a direct acces to capital market.

Why Switzerland
The Team

Fulvio Dominici

Founder - CTO

One of the founders of the first italian computer club, studied electronics in the Turin university. Before graduating he wrote his first videogame, Specventure. The title was a success for 1985, READ MORE Dominici was the first italian ever to sell a videogame on the international market. In 1986 created a real-time multitasking operating system: I-Wave. In 1990 he started his first company for automated test systems. During his army service developes an advanced neural network artificial creature. From 1995 to 2002 Dominici is co-founder of the largest italian public network of computers. From 2001 is president of Ultramundum Foundation. HIDE

Francesco Raco

Founder - CFO

Francesco Raco is an Italian entrepreneur working in the field of commodities trading. He owns a company that develops automotive software in collaboration with Politecnico di Torino. READ MORE In recent years it has funded innovative startups for the development of mobile apps. HIDE

Maria Elena Gitto

Venture Capital - CEO

Maria Elena Gitto represents a Swiss venture capital investing in innovative startups in Europe. Graduated at the Politecnico di Torino, looks for, finances and directs the startups that will become the next "unicorns".

Roberto Gorini


Serial entrepreneur with over twenty-five years of experience, and crypto currencies evangelist. Graduate in economics, as well as thousands of hours of experience as a trainer and READ MORE coach for numerous courses and conferences. A blogger, public speaker and author of the books Matrix Economy (2014) and Crypto Economy (2016). Creator, founder and CEO of Noku project, and advisor for several crypto projects. HIDE

Marco Lucchetti

Co-founder - COO

Marco Lucchetti, worked in Lugano since 1996 as a consultant in international taxation and internationalization of companies; In 2007 he worked in Dubai UAE and READ MORE in 2010 also entered the TLC industry; since 2015 he is starup consultant and entrepreneur in blockchains such as NOKU AG. HIDE

Antonio Giordano


Graduated in information technology, developer with dozens of high-profile software platform projects of expertise. Creator of 3D realtime worlds, mobile applications native and READ MORE web-based, realtime video streaming distributed networks and embedded systems. Proficien in blockchain technology and solidity development. HIDE

Luca Tedesco

Backend Developer

Backend Developer from the Politecnico of Torino.

Andrea Santu

Frontend Developer

Frontend Developer from the Politecnico of Torino.

Fabio Padoin

Junior Backend Developer

Junior Backend Developer from the Politecnico of Torino.

Antonio Rinaldo

Junior Frontend Developer

Junior frontend developer from the Politecnico of Torino.

Davide Luigi Borella

Community Manager

Startup advisor, community manager and web influencer in the crypto economy. He has been a project manager, entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast since 2012. Thanks to the support of his team, READ MORE he actually menage more than 30 Telegram Channels all about the Crypto-World, blockchains and ICOs. In the Crypto-World he is known with the alias "il Dave" or "il Crypto Dave". HIDE

Davide Zucchetti

Marketing Manager

Business School 24 Ore Professor; Gorocketmarketing Founder; Knowledge Manager HiSkill, Marketing Management Consultant.
https://ilsole24ore.academia.edu/davidezucchetti HIDE

Simone Manneschi

Web Manager

Simone Manneschi is CEO of Carpediem srl and an entusiast developer. He started working on IT development in 2000, after 15 years of research in .net enviroment moved on blockchain and READ MORE artificial intelligence development. HIDE

Francesco Sioli

Frontend Developer

He graduated in information technology in 2015, after that he started work for CarpeDiem Srl. as frontend developer. In this working period he specialized himself to create the HTML and READ MORE CSS of the sites/mobile application. He also had to approach with the backend world, learning some programming languages like angular, javascript, c#. HIDE

Enrico Mosca

UI/UX Designer

I realize web interfaces and mobile applications, wireframes and interactive prototypes for usability studies, as well as web sites in WordPress, HTML and CSS. From January 2017 I worked for CarpeDiem Srl.

Alexander Bogdanov


Alexander Bogdanov has more than twelve years of experience in corporate and trade finance. By applying his expertise in finance, risk management and treasury, he held the senior positions in READ MORE different trading companies. Alexander has been an active member of the cryptocurrency community since 2016 and provided the advisory support to some prominent projects. HIDE


Ubiatar technology development and worldwide distribution

This step has already occurred. The ubiatar platform and technology are available; at this moment the current online production version is 2.0. The mobile apps for Apple iOS products and Android devices are publicly available on the relevant marketplaces. Web-based applications, that do not require any installation and run on the fy, are available for all the major browsers and are currently working in the feld over any operating system and any computer from private homes to big companies, even with closed systems.
See more at www.ubiatar.com or search for “ubiatar” content on Google, facebook, linkedin, twitter, ...
The concept and the technology have been presented at the Las Vegas CES 2017, raising huge interest into the startup investor world and the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

frst quarter 2017


Crowd founding activity to collect resource to develop the marketplace from the technological and commercial point of view and for the following steps. The resources collected will be used for software development, blockchain creation and extensive promotion to grow the Marketplace user base.

last quarter 2017

Marketplace platform development

Software development for the marketplace services: list of users, social network-like user pages with images, world map location and description of services ofered and limitation to operations that can be performed. Ranking system development and integration.

frst quarter 2018

Wallet and ubiatar card

We want to give to the users of the Marketplace the option to store value with crypto currencies directly into the ubiatar app and use them when they need, in the real world with standard debit cards. The wallet code will be open source.

second quarter 2018

Human Empowerment Network°

Start of the marketplace with advertising and special events to spread the knowledge of this new platform. Growth hacking initiatives for the rapid dominance of this new market. The target of registered users is set at 10.000 unique signups in the frst three months. We expect the start of substantial revenues from this phase, with a large part of them used for cash & burn to continuously grow the ubiatar token value.

second quarter 2018

Ubiatar Play Live Broadcast Worldwide° campaign

A specifc investment into at least one thousand Avatars that will be paid directly from UbiatarPlay to broadcast live from the streets and interesting areas of the places where they live. Sponsors will be found to cover in part or in full the amounts of ubiatar coins that will be given to the working Avatars.
This initiative will have two efects: 1) the creations and ofer to the world of the largest 'TV network' of realtime live video streams from all over the planet, something that has never been done until today.
2) the constant ofer of free video streaming from live streets of the world will be a powerful and permanent advertising campaign, leading to clients hiring in realtime (for a price) the Avatars to explore interactively the interesting places they will see in the free broadcast.

third quarter 2018

Narrative and creative cross-cultural contests

To create awareness and involvement, UbiatarPlay will sponsor contests to publish the most interesting narrative works based on ubiatar technology stories. UbiatarPlay will also support cultural exchanges the world over, using its telepresence technologies over the HumanEmpowermentNetwork°.

last quarter 2018

Partnerships and structures for large AvatarEcommerceServices°

A subsequent important step is to develop a pervasive AvatarEcommerceServices° system, to enter this very lucrative world now exclusive of platform like Amazon.
By leveraging the Avatars base we will be ofering powerful option to buy item wherever in the world, directly from the shops while-you-watch, and have them delivered directly to controlling Usars.

frst quarter 2019

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